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It’s that time of year!  CASINO TIME

Volunteer Here! 

Questions: vp1@mydcl.ca

Role Descriptions:

Please pick a volunteer position that fits your interests.


The role of the general manager is to supervise all aspects of the casino and ensure that the casino is conducted according to the AGLC Casino Terms and Conditions and Operating Guidelines.  Your cashiers’ cage advisor(s) will explain your duties and assist and train you and your volunteers at the casino.  Your count room advisor will provide the same support and training for your count room volunteers.

  • Check in your volunteers and give them their name tags.
  • Remind the volunteers that they are not allowed to play any casino game, VLT, or slot machine on either of the full two days of the casino, whether or not they are working a shift. This includes before or after their volunteer shift.
  • Oversee the counting and verification of cash and chips at the opening of the casino day, the changeover of the bankers, and the closing of the casino.
  • Work with the banker and cash cage advisor to ensure that all cash payouts to players are witnessed by at least one other person.
  • Set the safe combination and keep custody of it with other general managers.
  • Oversee the changing of the drop boxes on the casino games.
  • Ensure that your casino is secure by making sure that the cash cage and count room is locked, cashiers’ floats are locked during breaks, and the banker has proper custody of cash and chips in his/her float. (Only general managers, bankers, cashiers and the cash cage advisor can be in the cash cage.)
  • Chip runners and count room volunteers are not allowed to be in the cash cage.
  • Ensure that banker and count room supervisor understand their duties.
  • Oversee the disposition of the paperwork for the AGLC, your charity, and the casino operator at the end of the casino event.
  • If you are the opening General Manager on day 1 of the casino please make sure you have all the required paperwork from your casino coordinator and if you are the closing General Manager on day 2 you will be responsible to take the paperwork back to your casino coordinator or treasurer

STANDING IN FOR OTHER VOLUNTEERS:  You can assist volunteers or temporarily substitute in volunteer positions only for up to one hour.



  • You control the main Cash Cage floats of chips and cash.
  • You are assisted directly by Cash Cage Advisor for all activities.
  • Your top priority is to assist cashiers by monitoring their pay outs.
  • You are busiest during opening, volunteer shift changes, and closing of the casino.
  • You refill (“Fill”) dealers’ chip trays when players leave games with chips to cash in, or to reduce the chips in dealer’s tray (“Credit”). You will receive on-the-job training.
  • You use Alberta Gaming’s computer terminal for all transactions and it is easy to operate.
  • Some administrative experience is helpful, but not essential.


  • You pay off players’ chips and make change. You do not sell chips or cash out slot machine coupons.
  • You will be required to follow defined pay-out procedures that you will learn at the casino.
  • You have your own float — you do not share your cash/chip float with anybody.
  • Cash-handling skills and being a little bit street-wise would be an asset!
  • The cashier’s job is challenging, and requires concentration and accuracy.
  • You should not volunteer to be a cashier if you are colour-blind.


  • You are a courier (runner) for chip orders for the casino games.
  • You must be able to move around to deliver chips to the games.
  • You will be using a very simple mini-computer to complete your transactions.
  • You are not usually too busy except at the opening and closing of the casino day (bring a good book or something to do).
  • You should be able to carry up to 2.5 kg or 5 lbs. of chips in their delivery racks.
  • You will always be accompanied on your ‘runs’ to the games by a casino security guard or a manager


  • You work with the Count Room Advisor to keep records of the cash and chips in the count room.
  • You use a computer terminal for all transactions.
  • Some administrative skills are useful, and computer skills are very helpful.
  • You are not required to handle cash


  • Various jobs include sorting, counting, verifying and amalgamating cash from drop boxes.
  • At least three volunteers in the count room should have good cash handling skills.
  • You should be good working with your hands.